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Buckets for mini/compact excavators

Edit:Jason     Click:2815     Time:2012-5-9 23:38:22
Just like their big brothers, the backhoe buckets for 0.7 to 12 t mini/ compact excavators satisfy maximum quality demands.

The shaping featuring a stretched cutting edge and a curved side cutting edge makes for optimal penetration into the material and full buckets.
excavators buckets
1.Robust 400 HB steel bucket base;

2.Lehborit 5000 (500 HB) cutting edge;

3.Side cutting edge with 400 HB wear-resistant sheets;

4.Drop-forged, hardened Lehnhoff teeth (up to CTL 5);

5.Easy filling and little wear due to biconical bucket design. Ideally suited for excavating narrow ditches

6.Lehmatic adapter, Symlock adapter or direct suspension.
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