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Excavator Bucket

Edit:Jason     Click:2525     Time:2010-11-13 19:34:54
An excavator bucket is used with a construction vehicle in a digging operation. For example, an excavator bucket may be used in mining or for the cleanup of soft, granular materials. Excavator buckets are typically built with shells, sides, cutting edges and often floors. They look more like extremely large scoops than buckets and often have teeth.

Though excavator buckets are usually used for digging in the ground, they may also be used to break or bend harder materials as well. Very large excavator buckets are typically used with production units. Smaller buckets offer increased mobility. As such, they may be used in a variety of construction applications.

Heavy-duty excavator buckets are often used in digging operations involving highly abrasive materials. They usually have teeth and are available in a wide variety of sizes. Cleanup excavator buckets are typically used for applications involving softer materials. Teeth may or may not be applied with this type of bucket. Also, bolt-on cutting edges may be used. Ditching and trapezoidal excavator buckets are used for ditches and cables. They frequently have teeth. Excavator bucket prices can be quite high. As such, many choose to purchase them used. A quality excavator bucket, in good repair, may provide the same level of usability as a brand-new bucket. New or used, they are available from a wide variety of dealers both online and offline. Furthermore, competitively priced excavator buckets can often be found via online auction sites.
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